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BLMS provides high quality, fit-for-purpose English, Spanish, and French language services and marketing solutions. We will help your business reach its target audience, and deliver your message in a culturally appropriate context so it is not lost in translation.

Our goal is to offer you the most cost-effective solution for your language and marketing needs while ensuring the best overall support to consistently deliver a finish product that will help your company achieve its objectives.


All of our translation projects undergo a standard Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) process to ensure quality and accuracy. Fully qualified, industry-expert linguist are chosen for their experience in the subject matter to ensure your project reads as if it were created in the target language. In-depth client consultation and full project management with strict quality assurance procedures are part of our translation services to guarantee the highest standards in quality and meet the evolving needs of global businesses.

At BLMS, we are always looking for ways to add efficiency to the translation process to lower your cost. We price our translation projects in ways that benefit our clients. We work with most file formats to save you time and money.

No effort is spared to ensure the highest standards of professionalism. Our top priority is ensuring that your meetings, conferences and/or events run smoothly and accomplish their objectives. Our interpreters maintain strict ethical standards and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two or more languages while providing any of the following services:

• Consecutive Interpretation
• Simultaneous Interpretation
• Conference Services
• Over-the-Phone Interpretation
• Video Remote Interpretation

Website Localization – Creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages can be both simple and cost effective. Consumers are more likely to buy from sites that feature content in their preferred language. The factors considered when designing your source-language site can become more complex when there are multiple languages involved. BLMS can help you reach your target audience while maintaining your best on line image.

BLMS can help you coordinate and/or create all the necessary elements for a professional publication in your target language. We review each page in each target language ensuring there are no formatting issues and compare to original materials. We also look for special characters used, culturally appropriate style, different hyphenation rules for each language, and different composition convention among others.

We provide DTP services for files in both Macintosh and Windows platforms. We are also able to handle files ranging across a variety of formats.


Phone: 502-572-6220 | Email: emma@blms.us

Phone: 502-572-6220
Email: emma@blms.us